external image 1194890889_extras_albumes_0.jpgThe Japanese Yuko System is a long-standing hair straightening method that uses heat to restructure the bonds in your hair so the hair lies straight, resulting in beautiful and sexy you glossy, wonderful, shiny straight hair. This method is also often known as the Yuko System . The thermal reconditioning or rebonding works most of the time on the majority types of hair with the exception of afro-carribean hair.

The Yuko System was devised approximately 1996 by a Japanese person named unsurprisingly, Ms. Yuko. She invented a amazing non coating way to straighten hair which used heat oxidation. This method helped to seal hair, and rebuild it from the inside out. She also used the unusual ingrediant of shark oil applied to the hair and employed steam instead of using direct heat to condition the hair.

The Yuko System uses the principal of using the hair's tiny amount of electrical charge to cut the cystine bone which is part of the hair root, and then re-shape it to look straight.

It's widely considered that hair that's been straightened is unhealthy or damaged, but it's not with this method. Yuko System lets the hair to breathe due to the fact that its non-coated as is the case with usual methods. This opposes the thought that straightened hair is damaged hair. If you like, the Yuko System can be reversed to obtain natural curls again.

Generally speaking, the operation will last as it is a permanent answer to curly hair but you will require 1 or 2 touch ups during the year. Longer hair will take approximately four or five hours to be completely done. On the other hand shorter hair could take approximately three hours. When people ask what the lowest age to have the treatment goes, it is usually agreed that children as young as 12 years old can safely be treated. Older hair can also be well treated using the Yuko System so I assume there is no upper age limit.

There has been some research to indicate that certain people develop side effects to the treatment, in particular those with dermatitis on the scalp. Itching and welts are commonplace in certain people, so if you have sensitive skin or any skin condition on your head, you would be advised to get medical advice before having treatment by the Yuko System.

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